Wednesday, July 4, 2007

My Other Two Sisters

Here are pics of my other two sisters. The dark one is Kali, my very old big sister. Momma forgot to charge the camera's battery, so this is the best pic she has. She's a 17 year old tortie. She's a very grumpy girl with everyone except momma. She forgets that I'm the real boss around here. When I go in her space to remind her that all spaces are really MY spaces she bats at me. She also tries to sleep in momma's lap that is MY lap. Yesterday when she turns around to get down I gave her the bitie on her backside. Momma made me get out of the chair. Momma just doesn't understand that all she has to do is honor and respect my alpha male status. Momma says there's also something about "old lady status". I don't think she really knows what she's talking about, but what can I say, even I know momma's the biggest boss of all.

The other photo is of Cookie. She's showing momma her hairless tummy. She wants momma to know that she's had a lot of stress due to the little rodents that are running around here. She licked alls her hair off down there. She's getting better now. Her hair is growing back. Mommas put up that Feliway stuff everywhere. She made some secret hiding spots for Cookie. Cookie now tolerates 'em. But if they try to use her tail as an attack toy, Cookie meows very loudly, whips around and gives the offender the evil eye. Now the kittens know all about Cookie's evil eye so they just hang around me instead.

Thank you to all my visitors. I love the attention. I'll try to get to your place some time really soon.

Happy Birthday America! Toodles!