Saturday, December 15, 2007

The Secret Paw Pics

Mom, this box smells so good! Are you sure Tara isn't in there somewhere?

Jake: "Look Ty, you got a cool toy over here."
"Wow, all this is for me?" pondered Tyler.
"And me?" asked Jake.
"Sure Jake, but you have to ask me before he get into the Temptations. I know you, and you could gobble down a whole bag all by yourself."

"Tyler, don't forget about us! We wanna play too!" "Okay Sisters, you can play. Just remember me when your Secret Paws arrive, ok?" "Sure, we'll share, right Sophie?" winked Cookie. "Oh, I'll share. I always share," said Sophie.

"IT"S MY TURN! LOOK EVERYCAT! And I'm not nice like Tyler, I'm NOT sharing anything. It's mine all mine."declared Jake.
"JAKE!" warned Mom.
"Ok, Mom, I'll share. You can have the snowflake ornament."
"Jake..." continued Mom.
"Oh, all right, you guys can play with my toys and my nip. Is that better, Mom?"
"Yes, My Sweet Orange-Haired Pumkin, you need to share."

"Look at this ball."

"Fev-vers! Thank you Katnippia Girls!"


Chairman Mao said...

Wowie kazowie, what a wunnerful package of goodies! You look like you're enjoyin yur toys and fun stuffies. And fevvers are so fabyoolus!

Kittyhugs and purrs from MaoMao!

Daisy said...

Wow, those are some great Secret Paws presents!

Cheysuli and gemini said...

You guys all look like you are having fun! I can't wait to get mine!!!

Smeagol & Strider (Mystery & Gizmo too!) said...

Great pictures and purresents!!

Don't worry, we'll prob'ly wear Mom down by tomorrow, and anyway, she finished shoppin' for our Secret Paw today, so we think she's feelin' better 'bout that. Don't worry 'bout not includin' a card, we found you!!
Efurryone does Secret Paws a little different, anyway, so it's not like there HAS to be a card. Anyway, we don't want you to feel bad 'bout that. We just know we're gonna love our package!! We'll let you know as soon as we open it!!

michico*Adan said...

Oah Guys and Tyler~!

I can see you very very very happy~!!!!
I think the most interesting things in Secret Paws is batteries~! Is there any toy need that? Wowww.... so cool~!!!!!

I love seeing you playing the toys~! That is wonderful~!!!!
Wish you have woderful Christmas~!!! And very lovely weekend!


Parker said...

What a fabulous bunch of gifts! It was sweet of you to share!

Forty Paws said...

Wow! You guys made out terrifical! All that loot! And it is so nice to share.

Luf, Us

Forty Paws said...

We gots owr pakij, but we hast to wate till Sunday so Paw kin see us open it, ok? We ist SO IXCITED!!

Luf, Us

The Cat Realm said...

What a wonderful secret paw!!! I am so sorry for not having been around much lately but I was sooooo busy with the production of CCSI!
Have you seen it yet? OH - come on over and check it out, we all think it is a wonderful show!!!
Tomorrow will come the conclusion.... so you still have time for guesses!

Eric and Flynn said...

Wowee look at all the things in your pakkij. Yer all going to haf grate fun wiv it all.

Tara said...

Jake, I'm glad you decided to share, especially since Tyler shared his. It was so much fun seeing all the pictures!


Skeeter And LC said...

Great pictures of efrykitty looking at the cool new stuff! The baterries are cool, cause we've learned they make stuff MOVE. We think we see what it is.

Skeezy said...

Tyler: The post about the Los Gatos cats needing rescue was a yeer old! So no need for yer mom to put up a post at werk.

DEBRA said...

Now those were some great SP packages. Wow you guys got some wonderful prezzies...we sent you an emale about dee auction....FANK YU!

Abby and Boo

HRH Yao-Lin said...

what fantastic presents! You lucky cat!

p.s I just read your hilarious story about having your human chase you outdoors. Well done!! x

Forty Paws said...

Hey Jake!

Fanks agin fur all da grate Secret Paws prezzies! Youze da bestest poodin furriend efer! We ist also glad dat DKM pikked u fur owr Secret Paw giffer.

Luf, Us

Captain Jack and Dante said...

Wow! Those are some great Secret Paws presents!!!

Name: Mr. Hendrix said...

wow! you guys got some great toys there. it is very nice to share too.
santa claws likes to see us sharing....

you look like you're having so much fun together!

China Cat said...

Oh, what wonderful gifts you received! Secret Paws is a lot of fun!

Purrrrrs, China Cat

Smeagol & Strider (Mystery & Gizmo too!) said...

We got Mom to let us open our package!! We LOVES efurrything!! We are hopin' Mom will be able to help us post 'bout it soon, but we wanted to let you know that we're havin' lotsa fun, and eatin' yummy Temptations, and Mom said to tell you that she loves her "Temptations" too!! Thank you soooo much!!

Dragonheart said...

Wow, those are fabulous Secret Paws gifts! :) Enjoy all your treats and toys. :)

DEBRA said...


Did yur Mom git my Mom's emale?


DEBRA said...


I wonder if your Momma has on spam controls in her email? My Momma's emale is bronze8ATgmailDOTcom. Please tell her she can send us an emale anytime. We are so sorry furrs the trubble we is causin.

Abby and Boo

Beezer said...

What great pressies! I really like the fevers, they are so fun. I'm sure that you'll have a great fun with all of the toys.

Lux said...

O man, just look at all those toys!