Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Tyler at the keyboard: Sheesh, I finally get to write on my own blog. Mom has been giving my big sis Kali WAY to much attention. She looks like the same old annoying sister of always. She's walking around, eating and drinking, I really think much too much was made of a little hairball yacking. She still is doing that a bit. And mom is feeding her those delicious Pill Pockets three times a day. And when I ask her, "Mom may I please just have one", she says, 'No.' Can you believe that? That old geezer girl is getting on my last nerve.

 I'm having to sit in mom's lap in the evenings and turn on the old charm, just so she remembers that I live here too. I did get some Temptations last night for allowing her to furminate me. The funny thing is that I like getting my hairs stolen. I have way too many of them for these hot June days. Cookie started growling at mom for the same offense. That one has quite the attitude. Doesn't she know that getting rid of the old hairs feels good? Finally she allowed mom to continue, but she wouldn't put up with changing sitting postions so that mom could have more access to fur. And the surprise was that Jake seems to be liking the Furminator. He hated the Zoom Groom so mom assumed they'd be the same. He actually sat still for a little bit.

 I'm still the best kitty, I don't give my mom any troubles, ever. Ok, when I whap Kali I do agravate my mom and get in trouble for that. But she deserves it, I promise you she does. Have a great day!

Lynn here: I played phone tag with the vet regarding Kali's blood results. She looks a lot better. Yet as Tyler said above she did yack up her breakfast this morning. I need to ask the vet if I should have repilled her after that because I had given her the meds only 15 mins. before. Thanks again for all your good thoughts and wishes. They mean so very much! Enjoy a good day.


Cheysuli and gemini said...

Tyler, it's tough to allow Kali her every want and need but doing so right now allows you to be magnimous and you'll get even more attention when this blows over and she doesn't need pills any more.

PB & J said...

Wow - you like being furminated!? That's cool, my Mommy wishes that I liked it more since I'm dropping my floofs everywhere!

Pearl says you should be nicer to Kali, since you never know when she might take out all her Tortitude on you!

Purrs to everykitty and Mom,

Grr, Midnight & Cocoa said...

You do sound like a very good and cooperative kitty, and you certainly should have an empty pill pocket now and then. We certainly do understand about sharing the people's attention - we hate that! Those darned kittens came in and tried to take over. Grrrrrrrr!

(Jade is living in West Hollywood, CA. We're in Lomita, about 25 miles south.)

Daisy said...

I hope the blood tests will give you some good information for Kali. When we give Pixie her pills, we wrap them up in a little piece of American cheese. She doesn't really eat the cheeseball, but it keeps the pills stuck together and easier to poke down Pixie's throat.

The Meezers said...

phone tag with the v-e-t is annoying!!!

Tyler, sometimes when cats get to be geezers if they look at the moms the wrong way they get hauled to the v-e-t and efurryone starts crying and all that stuff. we wented through it for a long long time wif trixie and norton. just smile at the mom.