Friday, July 13, 2007

Do I LOOK like a chew toy?

I found an important picture Momma not for the blog, but to show you how I suffer. Once again my reputation as a hunky vigorous mancat has been blackened. I will be seen as a kittens' plaything, a trinket, a trifle. Momma, you've gotta explain to him that my tail is ...well...MY TAIL. I am the only cat allowed to touch it. Ok? Tell him cuz he doesn't listen to me. And when you go out and get him that toy maybe you could compensate me for all of the emmotional distress I've suffered at the paws of those two babies. Proper compensation: Temptations (big bags all to myself!), Merrick's Gourmet stinky goodness (all to myself), Pounce (all to myself), live 'Nip plant (all to myself) and my very own laptop and a stroller for Cookie because she has suffered also. Ok, maybe the laptop you can save until my birthday to give it to me. K, momma. Go to the store now and bring me back my reparations. Now please.

Huh, you're going to put it on the blog? Oh momma, don't click on that orange but...


DaisyMae Maus said...

Yep. Tails are made to be trifled with ... unfortunately.

Tell your momma that my momma attended an elementary school in the South Bay Union School District from K-6 (Sunnyslope Elementary) an' her close friend is now an AP at Nicoloff Elementary. Small world! Mom didn't attend UCSD though ... She earned her degrees at National University so that she could work an' teach at the same time.

Oh, an' many of her colleagues live in PB, MB, and OB ... Mom's fond of IB.

How cool that they know some of the same places. I haven't been out of the house much in ten years, so it's all "blah, blah" to me.

Your friend,

Monty Q. Kat said...

Aw dude, that ain't right. I mean, BabyBean once in a while thinks my tail is a pull toy but she's never used TEETH.

Teleport over here and get some rest. Couch is plenty huge for two manly mancats.

Parker said...

Awww, your poor tail - you do need extra treats!

Dragonheart said...

I'm sorry that the kittens use you as a plaything, Tyler, but it is very Mancatly of you to let them do so. I hope that you will be properly compensated for being used as a toy.

Daisy said...

I agree with Dragonheart, Tyler. Very mancatly to allow the kittens to play with your tail. BUT - you still deserve just compensation.

Tara said...

Tyler, I so agree with you! Tails are not for kittens to play with!

Miss Peach>(^,^) said...

Tyler I would definately hold out for treats!
Tell Kali I am proud of her for springing back with the extra meddy stuff. I don't take any meds at all. I am just fiesty and live each day to the best that I can. Lots of naps....playing Diva kitty so I get my way with the beans.
Tuck your tail up under you and sleep on it real tight!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Tyler,

Kittens are cute yet I agree with you.Hope you got some good treats.
Also thanks for visiting my blog I like meeting new kitty's and making friends.

Gretchen said...

Tyler, I came back to tell you I nominated you for the Schmooze Award. Please come to my sight and get it.

小芥 michico said...

Dear Tyler,
You have been nominated to the Schmoozer award, please come to my blog to find out what's going on~!