Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Rules to Dragonheart's Contest

Now, for the exciting news: my birthday contest is going to be a Scavenger Hunt! Every day for the next week, at random times, I am going to post an item or a list of several items on my blog. If you want to participate in the contest, you need to find the item(s) and post them to your blog at the end of the contest! The items may be tidbits of information or photos I've posted to my blog, they may be tidbits of information you need to find on the web, or they may be something you have to create! (Don't worry, none of the items you need to create will require technical knowledge or photo editing software, unless you choose to use such for creating your item.) At the end of the contest, you need to post all of the items on your blog in one post. The last item to be collected will be posted on my blog on July 25, 2007, and you will have until July 29, 2007 to make your blog post with all the items.

There will be several prizes awarded at the end of the contest. One prize will be for the cat(s) that find the most number of the scavenger hunt items. If more than one cat finds all the items, there will be a draw to determine the winner. There will also be a prize for the most creative entry, as determined by myself and my humans. As I mentioned, some of the items will be something that you have to create, and so the creativity of these items, as well as the creativity shown in putting together the final post with all the items, will be judged. There will also be a random prize that will be determined by placing the names of all the contestants into a hat, and one name will be drawn at random. Other prizes may be awarded, depending on the number of entries, at the judges' discretion. If you do not wish to receive a prize (for example, if you do not want to provide me with your snail mail address) I will make a donation, whose value is equal to that of the prize, to the charity of your choice.

This contest is open to all cats with a blog.

I reserve the right to change the rules of the contest at any time.

If you have any questions about the contest, please feel free to ask!

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I just tagged you for my first meme ever. I hope you see this, cuz it's just for YOU.