Saturday, February 2, 2008

We're in Love!

None of us kitties nor our Mom knows how to create beautiful graphics for our new Valentine friends. So we searched the net for some pictures that we could borrow to show our new Valentines how we feel.

Sophie speaking:

Castor, this mousie is for you and your brother if you would like to share it with him. You can run all over the place after this little guy. He knows what he\'s in for. He swears he can outrun any ol\' meezer! Enjoy! Loves, Sophie

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Oh Dearest Abby,
This is for you!

I want you to know that I like quite girls. It's more conducive to cuddling in front of the fire on a cold afternoon. I don't mind if you boss me around like you boss your brothers. I'm used to taking orders. Any command from you would be like a bid of loving sweet nectar. For your royal wish is my deepest desire to fill. I want to make you happy, Sweet Abigail. May I take you out to a kitty cafe I know of? (It's really just my kitchen, cuz I'm not allowed outside). I'll feed you from a silver spoon delicious turkey pate. Later you and Reggie, Cookie and I can play a game of Scrabble, Monopoly or Spin the Pounce Jar.
Until we meet again, Tyler

Hi Reggie! How is your weekend going? I found this picture for you My Tabby Mancat,

Please just imagine my picture instead of the white girl you see inside the 'puter. That's how I imagine you dreaming of me throughout the day. For like your sister, I am the Queen of my domain. Unfortunately, only the master bedroom is mine, but I'm starting small and will one day branch out. Come over, I beg you, and worship me from close up. I hear you're a good brother to my new friend Abby. And she taught you well how to enforce her word? I might be able to use some of my talents around here. Especially with this orange annoying kitten who claims he lives here. Maybe you could get rid of him for me? Or at least make him cower in the corner of the dining room, far away from where I roam? Reggie, I think Tyler wants to invite you to come over some silly board games or something. Lets not and we'll spend the time better spent on the bed where you can chase all the other cats away for me. I'm going to love having you around. Maybe Abby can train another brother to be her enforcer. I'm going to need you at me beck and call. Mua, Mua ::Cookie kisses the air like the celebrities she sees on Entertainment Tonight::Come over soon Reg, ok! That's a demand not a request, by the way.

Jake says:
My Precious, Oh Precious, you're name is so wonderfully right for you. Here is my valentine picture for you:

I'm hoping that you and I can go somewhere to get away from the craziness at my house. I love sneaking out when my mom comes home from work. I'll teleport over to your place and take you wherever you want to go. Then maybe we can play in a field. Do you like to chase mice? I love to play with the fake ones so I'm imagine the fun of finding real ones and tracking them down. I just realized it was your family that sent me the wonderful Secret Paw's package. I still have all my blue toys and my blue blankie. I can bring the blankie with me and let you borrow it to keep you warm in the winter months while I'm not there to snuggle with you. Romantically yours, Jake the Rake

PS. Does anyone know how to change the text colors? When I tried to look up the info on the Help Blog I couldn't find anything. Please let me know, I would like to learn how to change the color of my letters. Ty


Turkey Cats said...

Dear Tyler,

Thank you for the beautiful Valentine. Yes, I am a very quiet girl with a loud purr. I love to snuggle with my mommy. I would love to come eat with you. Now, I will have to make a Valentine for you. It's also my Mommy's birthday and Persephone's (Batman's girlfriendcat).


Dear Cookie,

I love mousies. Your picture is perfect. I would love to come over and visit. I am used to being bossed around, so I don't mind. I can even come to your rescue if you need it.


Lux said...

Those are beautiful valentines you found for your loves!

Cheysuli and gemini said...

Those are beautiful Valentines. Any cat would be proud to get one.

Are you trying to change the text color on your blogger blog in the main section or somewhere else?

Two Meezer Brothers said...

My Dearest Sophie! Thanks for the Valentine's mousie! He's been scampering all over the house. We've pounced and stalked and chased him bunches, but we haven't caught him yet. We're having a blast!

Thanks for the tip on the electric can opener. We can handle that! We're good at working together, especially when it comes to stinky goodness!

Purrs and headbutts,
Castor and Pollux

Katnippia said...

Dear Jake,
I just luvs the Valentines that youz found fur me. I finks that going to a firled and chasing micerz is a wonderful idea, and would be pawsome. I could pack us a picnic fur two and make a whole day of it. Then when we are done chasing the micerz we could snuggles under a tree and take a nappie.
Purrss, and headrubberz....Precious

Parker said...

Those were all very sweet valentines!

Chairman Mao said...

Those are beeyootiful pickshures! Furry great Valentines fur your sweeties.

Kittyhugs and purrs from MaoMao!

Two Meezer Brothers said...

Hiya Sophie!

I entered a Valentine for you over at the Who Do You Love contest blog. I hope you like it, sweetie cat!


Kimo & Sabi said...

Happy belated 100th post!

Miz Allie Cat said...

Miz allie cat says sorry but can you please send your address again because her files crashed..meow for the Swap n Tails

Mickey said...

Those are very nice Valentines! You guys are so cute :)I just know your sweeties will be pleased!
Purrs Mickey

PeeEss: Congrats on 100 posts!!!!!

Jan said...

In the Compose bar between the i (for italic) and the link icon, there is a large T with a little block of colors to the right. Just click on it and choose what color you want to use to write.

jans funny farm

Willow said...

All of those Valentine's Cards are very nice!

Purrrrrrs, Willow

Dragonheart & Merlin said...

Those are all wonderful valentines! :) Great choices. :)

Jan provided you with the instructions on how to change colour. :) If you want screenshots, let us know - we can have our mom take some.