Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Mom and the Bottle

Tyler: I'm sooooo mad at my mom!!!! She squirted me with WATER on my butt!!! Why did she spray me with the liquid punishment in a bottle? For no good reason! That's why!
The Mom: Tyler, tell the truth please.
Tyler: The truth is that I went up to my uppity sister Cookie and gave her an "I love you tap" cuz even though she's a pain, it is the season for love and good cheer.
The Mom: Tyler tell the truth please.
So my love tap was a LITTLE harsh.
Tyler. Tell...
Ok, so I hit her as hard as I possibly could.
She looked too happy all snuggled up in MY Millie bed.
Your Millie b-?
In A Mille bed. I know, I know, there was another empty Millie bed right next to the one she was using. But, I'M the alpha cat, and she just looked too darn happy in THAT Millie bed.
Tyler, I thought I raised you to be-
A loving alpha cat? Ok, sorry mom. I'm gonna just go and curl up in the other Millie bed.
Good idea.


michico*Adan said...

hee hee~~
This is a very lovely cute family business,
and I am so happy to hearing about it.

The Creek Cats said...

MOL! Oh no, not the squirt bottle. Our mom and dad have to use it often on Maggie and Maizy. They like to give each other "love taps" too!

Happy Thanksgiving, Furiends!

The Island Cats said...

The trick, Tyler, is to never let the mom see you give your sister a whap....

Cheysuli and gemini said...

I don't see a problem with that. I do it to Gemini all the time...

LC, Ayla, and Iza said...

MOL! We are still sorting out "Alpha Cat" status here. Its an ongoing process, and no-one has quite won yet.

LC is old an esperienced, yet getting tired. Ayla is fast and agile, yet light. I'm youngest and heaviest, so that is working well.

I'm winning. But it means the mysterious water squirt reaches out ta hit me most often. I gotta find that thing and bunny-kick it!